Myaware understands that it can be frustrating waiting for a medical driving licence renewal, or application. Myaware is aware of the issues caused by delays and have written to the Minster for Transport and await an answer. If you wish to write to your own MP regarding this matter, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

You can find more information regarding an update from DVLA as well as information for those applying for their first driving licence at this link:
DVLA updated information
Details of how to submit a complaint to the DVLA can be found at this link:
Submit a complaint 

A common fear when first diagnosed with myasthenia is that you will never be able to drive again. This is not necessarily true, however anyone with myasthenia, who wishes to drive or holds a driving licence, is legally required to inform the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA), even if their symptoms are mild. It is an offence under the road traffic act 1988, to fail to notify the DVLA of a disability.

Having informed the DVLA and returned medical forms, a decision will be made regarding fitness to drive.

The decision could result in the driver:

  • Being allowed to drive.
  • Having his or her licence restricted to a number of years and then being re-assessed for fitness.
  • Being refused permission to drive.

If permitted to drive, the driver must inform the DVLA of any change in his or her condition.

Car Insurance

Drivers with myasthenia must inform their insurance company that they have myasthenia. If they do not, and they have to make a claim, they may find that their policy is deemed invalid.

People with myasthenia in most cases, should not have to pay a higher premium, but they may have several medical forms to complete.

There are, however, some insurance brokers who specialise in providing policies for people with long-term conditions.

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