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Myasthenia is an invisible, rare and often misunderstood muscle weakness illness that changes the life not only of the person diagnosed, but their family and wider networks too.

As the only UK charity dedicated solely to supporting people living with myasthenia, we rely on donations to keep our vital work going. We are the myasthenia community and your gift means that we can fight myasthenia together, every day.

Here is how your gift could make a difference:

• £5 could pay for one New Member Pack for someone who has just been diagnosed with myasthenia

 £50 could pay for a quarterly MyNews magazine and other communications for five myaware members for a year, to help keep them informed of the latest research updates, support events and information on managing myasthenia.

 £80 could fund the cost for one person to be supported through a Benefits/Welfare Application or Tribunal process, to ensure their family have financial security after diagnosis

• £250 could fund the costs of a local support group meeting for members to make important support connections and friendships with other members

 £400 could pay for a series of packs to raise awareness of myasthenia within local communities

 £4,000 could pay for the costs of a regional information day

If you are able to donate a regular, monthly gift, this helps to ensure the future of our work in fighting myasthenia, thanks to you.

We love to acknowledge the generosity of our supporters publicly. Please be aware that any donations or messages shared publicly on this page may be shared in our newsletter, social media or other myaware publicity materials. If you do not wish for your donation or message to be shared aside from this website, please make your donation ‘anonymous’ or contact us on [email protected].

For more information, email [email protected]. Thank you for fighting myasthenia together with us.