People have many reactions to myasthenia. You may have strong reactions to changes to your body, or be anxious about treatment. Some people find it difficult to cope with the feeling of loss of control.

It can help to talk through any of these issues and feelings with someone outside your
friends and family. Members of myaware can access our confidential one-to-one counselling service. 

Robert Heaven is myaware's accredited counsellor and has many years' experience of working with people with long-term conditions.

Robert provides a confidential counselling service by telephone or Skype to members of myaware and their immediate family and carers.

You can discuss anything that is worrying you emotionally in complete confidence and
without judgement. Remember, one of the key triggers of myasthenia is stress and often talking things through is a great way to alleviate stress.

If you are a myaware member, you can contact Robert at [email protected].

"I would like to say a big thank you for the counselling I have been receiving from Robert Heaven through myaware. One of the biggest difficulties I found when I was diagnosed with myasthenia was the fear and loneliness that came with it. I have found the regular counselling sessions hugely supportive. Knowing that I have the space to talk about how I am feeling has been fundamental to my coping with the huge changes in all aspects of life that this diagnosis brings. One of those changes for me, and I know for many others, is the fact that I haven’t been able to work for the past year, so I am enormously grateful that this excellent service is free. In addition, because it is specialised and caters for those with myasthenia, the level of understanding of the condition is a great help. For example, if I am having a particularly weak day we can talk very briefly, but I can still get the support. Thank you to myaware for providing this counselling."

For specific bereavement support / counselling 
For specific relationship counselling
If you are having a difficult time - contact the samaritans and the red cross 
For help with your mental health

For supportive, reliable advice on mental health problems contact Mind

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