Supporting Our Members via Social Media

Please click below to read a letter from myaware’s CEO - Sarah Cuthell dated 16th July 21, addressing the concerns of our members. We hope that this information will provide reassurance and clarity during these uncertain times.

Letter From Sarah Cuthell

Myaware Facebook Groups

Social media is an increasingly important part of myaware’s free membership services. Our Facebook groups provide peer support to any myaware member who has been diagnosed with myasthenia as well as their family or carers. The groups are a safe place for you to make connections, share experiences and receive peer support.

Already a member? You can request to join the groups!

Myaware National Peer Support Group is open to all members from across the UK regardless of age. This group helps members to share experiences, build networks and find sources of support and guidance.

“It’s good to have you! Equally good to be part of this community!”

Myaware Kids Group is a safe place for parents of children living with myasthenia to gain access to a supportive network. This group is very interactive and supportive, and parents of newly diagnosed children often find it a reassuring resource in a time of uncertainty.

“I am a family member but have been a member of myaware since
my daughter was diagnosed and have found such good support from people”

Myaware Young Generation allows people between 18-39 to connect with others who may be facing similar challenges in their lives whether it might be moving into higher education, starting work or pregnancy. This group is there to provide understanding, advice and a listening ear.

“The group has been a huge help to me since my diagnosis 8 months ago”

All of our groups are managed by myaware staff during working hours. Our team are working hard to provide discussion topics, answer queries and to promote services. Sometimes our staff have to deal with challenging posts and respond to complaints – this is an important part of the administration of the groups and ensures that it is a safe environment for all.

How do I check my myaware membership?

Myaware membership is open to anyone over the age of 18, it is renewable annually and is free of charge, If you are unsure if your membership is active or if you would like to join please click here.

Myaware Facebook Pages

We have two Facebook pages which are a source of information for anyone with an interest in myasthenia. Topics covered include information about medical matters, practical advice and ideas on how to become involved in events. There is no requirement to be a member, just click on the links below and like the page!

Myaware Facebook page

Myaware Young Gen page

You can also follow myaware on Twitter and Instagram via these links below.

If you need help with any of our social media, please call us on 01332 949161 or email [email protected]


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