Our Facebook groups provide peer support to any myaware member over the age of 18, who has been diagnosed with myasthenia, or is a relative, carer or healthcare professional with an interest in myasthenia. Our groups are a safe place for you to make connections, share experiences, information and receive peer support. Giving direct access to the myasthenia community and reducing feelings of isolation.

Already a member? You can request to join the groups!

Myaware National Peer Support Group is open to all members from across the UK regardless of age. 

Myaware Kids Group is a safe place for parents of children living with myasthenia to gain access to a supportive network. 

Myaware Young Generation Group allows people between 18-39 to connect with others who may be facing similar challenges.

All of our groups are managed by myaware staff during working hours. Our team are working hard to provide discussion topics, answer queries and to promote services. Sometimes our staff have to deal with challenging posts and respond to complaints – this is an important part of the administration of the groups and ensures that it is a safe environment for all.

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