Welcome to myaware!

We are the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to the support, care and advocacy of people affected the myasthenias since 1968.

We support people affected by myasthenia, raise awareness about these conditions, fund research to find new therapies to reduce the impact of the conditions and ultimately find a cure.”

Our Objectives

Myaware Support

We support people affected by myasthenia, whether you are person who has been diagnosed with any type of myasthenia, a relative or carer of someone living with myasthenia or a healthcare professional who has an interest in the myasthenias.

Myaware Awareness 

We raise vital awareness of the myasthenias, by working in collaboration with advocacy organisations to ensure the collective voice of our members is heard. We also work with umbrella support organisations such as Rare Disease UK, Neurological Alliances of the UK and other global myasthenia support organisations to increase awareness within the healthcare sector and the general public and share best practice and global knowledge.

Myaware Research

We fund much need research that helps to draw conclusions on best practice, unearth different potential targets for treatment discovery and predictive tests for the progression of myasthenia, with the aim of improving the knowledge and understanding of myasthenia to benefit those who live with the condition.

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