Membership of myaware continues to be totally FREE of charge.


When you become a member of myaware you will receive the following member benefits:

  1. New member information pack
  2. Tools to help you communicate with your healthcare professionals, such as myaware diary, passport and in case of emergency card
  3. Access to our dedicated and knowledgeable support team 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
  4. Access to advice and information about how to take care of your welfare and learn about benefits you may be entitled to from our highly experienced Benefits & Welfare Officer
  5. Access to peer support via our secure closed Facebook groups 
  6. Access to online Zoom support meetings where you can share your story, questions and stay connected to our support team and other members with similar experiences
  7. Access to our quarterly newsletter 
  8. Access to the myaware literature library
  9. Opportunity to ask generic medical questions, which will be answered by the myaware medical committee
  10. Access to online webinars presenting information about support, awareness and research
  11. Access to our annual research impact report

Whether you have been recently diagnosed or have a long-standing diagnosis, if you are a relative, carer or healthcare professional, myaware is here to support you through your myasthenia journey.