June is Myasthenia Awareness Month!

This June, myaware is raising vital awareness amongst GPs to help achieve timely diagnosis and ensure access to effective treatments and support for those living with Myasthenia and their families.

Calling all GPs!

View our GP resources to learn more about the different types of myasthenia, how to diagnose and refer patients effectively. 

Can you spare 3 minutes to help us help you by completing our 3 minute GP survey.

79% of myaware members recently surveyed stated that it took anywhere between 2 months and ten years to receive a diagnosis. Diagnosis delays cause adverse effects on physical and mental health, ability to work or undertake education and can severely effect overall quality of life for the patient and their family members.

Myasthenia is a rare condition and can be difficult to diagnose because symptoms vary, often fluctuate and are widely mistaken for other conditions such as Bells Palsy, Stroke etc.

Other ways to get involved:

Help us to raise funds to support our annual awareness objectives by getting involved with ‘Mymiles’ and supporting our awareness month ‘Appeal’.

Raise awareness in your local community by:

Myasthenia Overview

Awareness Month