Fundraise for myaware

Going the extra mile for people living with Myasthenia during the month of June!

Set up your fundraising page  and click on ‘start fundraising’.

Download your ‘MyMiles’ fundraising information pdf.

We want to go the extra mile to raise awareness of Myasthenia this year, so we invite you to join in with the ‘MyMiles’ challenge throughout June 2024 and beyond!

Myaware members, supporters, volunteers and staff are setting ourselves our own personal MyMiles challenge, raising money to fund future awareness campaigns for our community.

The beauty of the MyMiles initiative is that we can all choose our own personal challenge, but every mile bridges the myasthenia knowledge gap! Length of challenge or the time frame over which you complete it is entirely up to you and your ability!

If you commit to raise a minimum of £25, once you have raised your first £5, we will send you a MyMiles fundraising pack and limited edition Awareness Month T-Shirt.

Monitor your (miles) on your smart watch, mobile, step counter or map. For some, the bigger the challenge the better, this could be long distance or up a mountain. For some an equal challenge could be to complete one mile around their own home or garden. We want you to feel a sense of achievement in whatever you choose to do because every mile counts!

Together we can go the extra mile for people living with myasthenia!