The EUMGA has relocated to Belgium and remerged with the goal of uniting all MG associations across Europe and promote the formation of new ones where none exist. Myaware are greatly honoured to become a member of this association and help create a united voice for myasthenia. Find out more about the EUMGA, its activities, and how you can become a member.

The EUMGA actively facilitates medical research, raises awareness of myasthenia, and works tirelessly to enhance public and political recognition and understanding of this condition. It also aims to improve the knowledge and expertise among healthcare professionals while addressing the unmet need of patients with myasthenia.

The EUMGA have recently established a European patient advocacy subcommittee, designed to ensure that every myasthenia patient has a voice, even if they are not part of a formal association or organization. This committee is lead by Maya Uccheddu, also known as “Lady Myasthenia"  and they have launched a series of projects aimed at enhancing the quality of life for patients and paving the way for a brighter future.

Their vision is to serve as a vital bridge connecting all stakeholders within the EU and internationally. While the UK may have left the EU, we can still consider ourselves part of Europe and agree with the EUMGA statement that

“Together, we’re strong.”

EUMGA presentation slides from the RCDN meeting in Berlin 2023.

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