We hear regularly from members, whether newly diagnosed or those who have been living with any of the myasthenias for many years, that no one has ever heard of it - including medical professionals!

We understand that many may have no issues, be very well managed and have a great team around them. Unfortunately, this is definitely not the case for everyone, and hearing the struggles that many are having daily with friends, family and those in a medical and caring role not understanding has prompted us to take action. Please help make the difference!

We have a short film for you to watch showing how some can be affected by myasthenia - please note this film may be emotive for some people to watch.

We need to educate others and spread the word to help people like you, those not yet diagnosed, those struggling with symptoms, and those in caring or medical roles who are there to help but don’t know enough, if anything, about the condition, causing more stress, upset, worry and frustration, and making the condition worse.

This is where you come in - "Only those who know about it can help"

Below are some printable resources for you to download, utilise and share – click on the links and take a look!

Our A4 poster can be used to display in windows and on noticeboards to help spread the word and speak out.

This A5 flier explains for those around you, including family and friends, what myasthenia is in a nutshell.

The medical professionals information is written for medical professionals and can be printed off or shared with anyone in your medical team including opticians, dentists and carers.

This booklet is a snapshot of how life can be with myasthenia.  We hope it will help people in your life gain a better understanding of the condition. While we appreciate this may not be everyone’s story, raising awareness by sharing this will help others in these situations. Some may find the content emotive.

Click here to hear one of our member's stories.

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