Fundraise for myaware

The McPherson Club is named in honour of Margaret McPherson, long-time member and supporter, who founded and ran the original 200 club for many years until 2008.

How it works

Draws are made monthly. Pay a minimum of £1 per month per ticket (a total of £12 per year) with HALF the proceeds funding research, support and awareness for people living with myasthenia. The other half is given out as prizes to members and spent on the expenses of running the draws.

You can buy as many tickets per month as you want, up to a maximum of 50 per draw.

Make sure you buy your tickets by the last Wednesday of the month to be entered into the following month's draw. Draws are made on the first Wednesday of each month.

Monthly draw results will appear in mynews and on the myaware website, in our ‘Winners’ section.

Please note in the interests of fairness and transparency, myaware Trustees, employees and volunteers are not permitted to join the McPherson Club. For all terms and conditions, including support for problem gambling, please see our terms & conditions

To join the McPherson club, download our joining form below and return it to us at;

Myaware, The College Business Centre, Uttoxeter New Road, Derby DE22 3WZ or email it to [email protected]

You can also hand your completed form to a member of the myaware team if you attend any of our support or fundraising events.

Thank you for fighting myasthenia together with us.

Myaware Responsible Gambling Policy

Downloadable McPherson Club Form

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