Fundraise for myaware

Myaware (otherwise referred to as ‘the Charity’) is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to the care and support of people affected bymyasthenia.  Our mission is to support people affected by myasthenia, raise awareness about these conditions, fund research to find new therapies to reduce the impact of the conditions and ultimately find a cure. 

As a fundraising organisation with a variety of income sources, we have a responsibility to be open and transparent about our fundraising practices with our members, our donors and all other stakeholders. We need to ensure that any donations made to myaware do not violate our mission, our integrity as an organisation or cause direct or indirect harm to our members and beneficiaries. 

We also need to ensure that any donations made to the organisation are not from inappropriate sources which compromise our values and mission, or which will bring the name and reputation of myaware into disrepute. 

To this end, this policy outlines how and when we will accept donations, in line with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. 

General Considerations 

Myaware believes it is important to work in partnership with individuals and organisations who support our mission and wish to make positive change for those living with myasthenia and their families. Where possible, we look to secure unrestricted funding from such individuals and organisations to help cover the charity’s core costs and to ensure future sustainability. However, there is always the option for the donor to restrict their donation to a particular area of our work, should they wish to do so. 

In order to stay true to our mission and values, we will only accept donations from individuals and organisations if the following conditions are met: 

  • The partnership will not harm those living with myasthenia, their carers or other direct or indirect beneficiaries 
  • Such a partnership does not bring the name or reputation of myaware into disrepute, particularly through negative publicity  
  • The organisation or individual does not wish to influence myaware policy or activity, either explicitly or implicitly 
  • The gift does not compromise the independence of myaware 

Affinity Marketing, Cause-Related Marketing and Product/Service Endorsement 

Myaware will not endorse products/medical devices/apps related to myasthenia unless agreed by the Trustees, with guidance from myaware’s Medical Committee. Any partnership involving endorsement of services or affinity marketing will be analysed by the Trustees, with guidance from the Chief Executive Officer, based on the positive values of the service compared to the risk associated with endorsing such a service. 

  • Myaware will not promote or endorse any products or services which may cause direct or indirect harm to our beneficiaries 
  • Myaware will not share information from our database regarding members, donors, or other supporters with any third party organisations, including those with whom we have a fundraising partnership 
  • Myaware will not embark upon any fundraising partnership or accept donations where a conflict of interest exists 
  • Any cause-related marketing or affinity partnership needs to be approved by the Trustees to ensure our mission and values are not compromised 

Avoidance Criteria 

Myaware will not enter into partnership or accept any donations from organisations or individuals: 

  • Which are a result of illegal activity 
  • Whose activities go against our charitable aims and mission 
  • Whose activities may cause harm to our beneficiaries  
  • Who may otherwise bring negative publicity to our cause and damage the reputation and integrity of the charity 

Myaware will not accept donations where there is a conflict of interest, whereby the donation would further the donor’s personal ambitions or goals to the detriment of the charity.  

Acceptance Criteria 

When embarking upon any fundraising partnership or accepting any donation, the Trustees need to ensure that they are acting in line with Charity Commission and OSCR guidance. Further guidance with regards to the responsibilities of Trustees and fundraising can be found on the Fundraising Regulator’s website. 

Donations and financial support should only be accepted if they do not harm myaware’s reputation, compromise our mission and values and do not put future funding at risk. 

Myaware complies with all relevant legislation regarding fundraising issued by the Charity Commission and OSCR and requirements in line with the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Practice. This includes, but is not limited to: Charities Act (2016), the Proceeds of Crime Act (2002), Gambling Act (2005), General Data Protection Regulation (2018).  

Where the National Fundraising Manager believes a potential partnership or donation may need to be avoided, this will be brought to the attention of the Chief Executive Officer who will then review the case and bring it to the attention of the Trustees. Any decision to accept or avoid a donation or partnership in such circumstances is ultimately the responsibility of the Trustees and such a decision will need to be made in line with this policy. 

Consistency with the Charity’s objects, independence and reputation 

Myaware’s service delivery, campaigning and funding of research is informed by what is in the best interest of its members, volunteers and the wider myasthenia community. Myaware will only undertake work which is consistent with its agreed strategic direction for any given year. 

Should an organisation or individual provide funding to support myaware publications or events, the Charity will always retain complete editorial control over any published material,  regardless of who has funded it. 

Collaboration with third parties on campaigns, lobbying or calls to action will only take place if the values of such third parties align with myaware’s own priorities and values. 

Myaware’s logo and name may only be used by a funder or supporter with the explicit permission of the charity and must be used in adherence to myaware’s Brand Guidelines, a copy of which is available from the Charity. 

Commitment to our Supporters 

We comply with UK laws regarding fundraising in every respect, including those relating to openness and transparency with our members, supporters and the general public. A copy of our latest Annual Report, which clearly shows how our income is generated and spent, can be requested directly. 

Myaware adheres to all legal requirements and professional standards set by the Fundraising Regulator’s Code of Fundraising Practice. 

We do NOT take part in reciprocal mailing agreements, employ third party fundraisers, utilize cold calling or share any identifiable personal data regarding our members or supporters with third parties. 

We respect the privacy and contact preferences of all supporters and members, responding promptly to requests to remove or amend details from our internal, secure database. We advise that there may be an overlap of communication for two weeks while the amendments are processed on our system. 

Use of donations 

If supporters wish to make a donation to a specific area of myaware’s work such as our support delivery, research or awareness work, they may make a restricted donation by providing written instructions to this effect with their donation. If the Charity is unable to honour the restriction for any reason, we will contact the donor and discuss other ways in which the donation may be used. If an agreement on use cannot be reached, the donation will be returned to the donor. 


This policy will be readily accessible via our website so that all of our stakeholders understand and have access to our ethical fundraising position.