Fundraise for myaware

At myaware, we are always on the lookout for businesses with who can work with us to help achieve our mission: “We support people affected by myasthenia, raise awareness about these conditions, fund research to find new therapies to reduce the impact of the conditions and ultimately find a cure.” We aim to do this by building mutually beneficial partnerships, which help you to fulfil your Corporate Social Responsibility goals.

Opportunities to get involved and fight myasthenia together with us include:  

Please see below for details of how we can work together and for further information, contact [email protected]

Fundraising Ideas and Building the Partnership

The sky is the limit when it comes to organising your fundraising event! There are many activities you can run which will help raise vital funds for myaware, the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to supporting people living with myasthenia. Here are a few ideas to help you to help the myasthenia community:

  • Sponsored walk
  • Football tournament
  • Teach an online class, like yoga, knitting, guitar lessons and donate the proceeds to myaware 
  • Karaoke night or talent party
  • Car boot or vintage sale 
  • Sponsored ‘giving up something you enjoy’ challenges – give up smoking, drinking alcohol or anything else you enjoy for a month! 
  • Bake-off competition 

Fundraising Pack

For more ideas and guidance, look at our Fundraising Pack, which contains everything you need to help you fundraise successfully. Download it now:

Fundraising Pack  

For further information and support, please email [email protected]

Small Businesses

Do you own your own small business, or perhaps you are part of a small business team? Whatever your business, you can still make a difference to people living with myasthenia.

Myaware has partnered with Work for Good to ensure your small business can make an impact by donating a proportion of sales from your products or services, legally and efficiently.

For more information about Work for Good, please visit their website and don’t forget to choose myaware as your nominated charity!

Payroll Giving

Payroll giving is a brilliant way for company employees to be able to contribute to myaware with a regular donation through your payroll. It is easy to set up, and it’s a super tax effective way for your employees to support myaware. It is also a great way of helping to fulfil your workplace Corporate Social Responsibilities. 

With payroll giving, donations are calculated after National Insurance contributions, but before Income Tax is deducted; this means part of the donation is from money that would otherwise have been collected by HMRC. For example, if you want to donate £10 to charity, as a 20% tax rate payer only £8 would be deducted from your pay for the donation.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) website has detailed guidance on payroll giving and the benefits to your company. Visit their Payroll Giving website for more information.

If you are considering setting up payroll giving for your organisation, please email us at [email protected]  for help and further information. 


We are always looking for volunteers to help with our fundraising here at myaware. Here are a few ways that your employees could volunteer to help us out:  

  • Helping at in-store, supermarket, football ground and street collections. 
  • Marshalling at an event or cheering on Team Myaware fundraisers at events such as the Great North Run. 
  • Becoming a myaware community speaker, visiting schools and community groups to give talks and raise awareness of myasthenia. 
  • Attending functions to receive donations on behalf of myaware. 
  • Placing and regularly emptying a number of myaware collection boxes in various public locations in your local community. 

We are so grateful to the hundreds of volunteers who help us get our message out there. We can always make use of your skills and passion, so please consider how your company or organisation might be able to help and join us in supporting vulnerable and isolated people living with myasthenia. 

If you are interested and able to help, please contact [email protected]and a member of the fundraising team will be in touch to provide details of upcoming opportunities. 

Fight myasthenia together with us.