I was diagnosed in 2013, after asking my doctor why push-ups invariably ended in me faceplanting the floor. Soon afterwards I was told I also had a thymoma which would need to be removed via sternotomy and despite removing my thymus as well as the lining around my heart, lung and a phrenic nerve they realised some had been left behind, so I went under the knife for a second time a day later.

As a result of the additional surgery the recovery was challenging, but I was lucky enough that I had a great support network around me. My wife and I conceived our first daughter whilst I was still recovering and twin girls followed three years later, so we’re pretty busy! I’m back at work full-time and responsible for a large field-based team across the South, South West and Wales so between work and home life, although I have myasthenia gravis I’m determined not to let myasthenia gravis have me. My top tip for living with MG? Remember that there’s always someone worse off - concentrate on the good things and don’t get hung up on the bad.

Life is different to how my wife and I had envisaged but we’re working hard to make the most of it, both for us and our girls.