The need for health research is essential so new treatments can be developed for conditions such as asthma, cancer, dementia, heart failure and mental health issues.

SHARE is an initiative of NHS Research Scotland that facilitates a register of those living in Scotland aged 11 years and over. It is a potentially valuable tool in health research.

Health research can be anything from filling in a survey about your diet, to researching a new medication for an illness you may have. SHARE needs healthy people and those with medical conditions to join. SHARE also seeks your permission to keep any leftover blood following routine clinical tests (e.g., if you have given a blood test at your GP). This leftover sample is anonymized and can be used to help genetic research. There is no obligation to take part in any studies if you don’t want to. To register for SHARE today please visit The SHARE website.

Signing up to SHARE allows us to keep the public informed of what research is available in Scotland. SHARE is a great way for people to make a contribution to health research - which can improve the health of everybody in Scotland. Thank you very much for considering this request.

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