The Process

Step One: Research Proposal

The process for applying for a research grant with myaware is standard across many healthcare charities. The first step is to submit a research proposal to our Research and Partnerships officer (RPO) for processing.

Research proposals should contain a lay summary of the project with a length of around 500 words and a technical summary targeted at specialists of about 800 words. A template form can be found downloaded by clicking here.

These can be sent to: [email protected]

Step Two: Full Research Proposal

Following submission, research proposals will be assessed by the myaware medical committee before being approved to progress to a full research proposal.

Full research proposal forms will be sent to successful applicants by the RPO. These will then be completed and returned to the RPO and passed on to the board of trustees.

A full research proposal should provide a more in-depth description of the project, including a budget and timeline of milestones. IPP impact must also be considered as progress from funded progress will be shared with myaware members.

For any questions or concerns regarding the application process, contact Charlotte Campbell at [email protected].

Step Three: Annual Reports

Successful applicants are expected to provide annual reports sharing the progress of the project after each calendar year. These are usually submitted in January, though can be arranged to fall in line with project start dates.

A form for the annual report will be sent to applicants by the RPO within a month of the submission deadline.

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