When funds are available, myaware awards both large and small research grants to support innovative research of the highest merit and with the most benefit for patients with different forms of myasthenia.

Additionally, myaware makes smaller grants of equipment/travel/awards/educational funding etc. as appropriate

The Process

Preliminary Applications.

In the first instance, applicant are required to submit their CV, with a short preliminary applications (one side of A4) giving a lay description of the planned work, a short technical proposal and a outline budget. 

The applications are evaluated by the Scientific/Medical Advisory Committee, who shortlist the candidates by scientific merit.

Shortlisted candidates will be asked for a full application, to include scientific background highlighting the benefits of the project to patient, project details, full budget of costs and salary. 

The projects will be assessed and rated by relevant members of a scientific review bard, under the direction of the Medical Committee which will always include at least one lay member of the charity.

The top ranking projects will be recommended to the Trustees for funding.

Recipients are also required to present 6 monthly reports (to include a lay summary). At the end of the project produce a full 2,000 word report, containing publications etc. 

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