At myaware, our peer review policy reflects our goal of funding and supporting the best research possible. By implementing this policy, we are able to internally triage applicants and ensure that the methodology and hypotheses outlined reflect the best interests of those living with myasthenia and that projects funded by us will contribute to this growing clinical interest. Our triaging process is based on eligibility and completeness of application and this is carried out by myaware staff and our medical committee.

Myaware recognises that the best research is not limited to a bubble, but open to assessment by third parties. That is why, before applicants are taken for consideration by our board of trustees, external reviewers are enlisted to overview shortlisted applications.

In summary, myaware aims to follow the principles outlined by the AMRC in terms of acceptable peer review:


As a medical research charity, we strive to be transparent with how our projects are considered and accepted for funding. All projects that are ongoing and funded by myaware can be found on our website, with details for project leads provided. The principles for what type of research we fund can be found in our research policy.


Peer review of applications for myaware funding is carried out by a combination of external parties and medical committee and lay members. Our procedures for conflicts of interest are outlined in our research policy. Smaller grants are reviewed in house by the charity.


With the understanding that myasthenia is a rare disease and therefore not a research specialist subject widely considered, myaware as a charity aims to balance our medical review panel and board of trustees as fairly as possible. Our review board for every project will contain at least one of our membership who acts as a patient expert and best reflects the experience of living with myasthenia. Our selection of reviewers for applications strives to be fair and reflects the expertise required to evaluate the application appropriately.


For each peer review undertaken, myaware seeks to include project-appropriate reviewers both medical and lay-member, and will endeavour to get the widest possible input of views.


Please see our conflict of interest policy outlined in our research policy.