Mayor of Charnwood Urges Residents To Support Local Charity Appeal

Mayor of Charnwood, Councillor Pauline Ranson, is urging people to support her charity of choice appeal and help two local causes.

The Mayor has chosen to support myaware, a national charity which supports people living with myasthenia, and the Loughborough Wellbeing Café.

Both charities will receive an equal share of any funds raised by this year's Mayor's Charity Appeal.

The Mayor said: "I am extremely pleased to be able to offer my support to both causes during my Mayoral year.

"Both charities benefit our community by helping local people. I hope that residents of the borough will support our fundraising efforts throughout the year."

Myasthenia is a group of rare neuromuscular conditions which can cause fatal muscle weaknesses. The charity, myaware, provides support, information and education to those living with the myasthenias and their carers, friends and family.

The cause was chosen as it is close to the Mayor's heart as husband Trevor was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis five years ago.

The Wellbeing Café is run by The Emporium at No.57 shop in Wards End in Loughborough. It is a monthly evening café which offers advice to adults in the borough who experience mental health problems.

The café also has a range of activities such as yoga, mindfulness, arts and crafts, and bread making, which aim to build confidence and reduce social inclusion.

The Emporium has recently secured funding from the Big Lottery's Awards for All to open the Wellbeing Café at Loughborough Leisure Centre every Wednesday, 1-3 p.m.

The Mayor's annual appeal is supported across the borough, receiving donations and grants through activities that have included raffles, church collections and specially organised charity events.

For more information on the Mayor of Charnwood visit, call the Mayoral office on 01509 634602 or email [email protected]