Collecting used postage stamps

We all receive letters and cards in the post. Most of the time, stamps will just end up in the bin - but now you can put those old postage stamps to use!

All kinds of stamps are welcome. Simply cut the stamps out to remove them from the envelope, being careful not to damage the stamp in the process, and start building a small collection of stamps to recycle.

When you have enough to fill an envelope, send them to:

PO Box 16992
Sutton Coldfield
B73 9YA

Please note you will need to put a stamp on the envelope – this is not a freepost address.

Every envelope you send raises funds for myaware. You could ask your workplace to get involved or ask friends and family to also save their stamps in aid of myaware.

For more information or to get involved in our recycling initiatives, email [email protected].

The funds you raise will enable continued work in the areas of research, support and awareness of myasthenia.