The sky is the limit when it comes to organising your fundraising event! There are many activities you can run which will help raise vital funds for myaware, the only charity in the UK solely dedicated to supporting people living with myasthenia. Here are a few ideas to help you to help the myasthenia community:

  • Sponsored walk
  • Football tournament
  • Teach an online class, like yoga, knitting, guitar lessons and donate the proceeds to myaware 
  • Karaoke night or talent party
  • Car boot or vintage sale 
  • Sponsored ‘giving up something you enjoy’ challenges – give up smoking, drinking alcohol or anything else you enjoy for a month! 
  • Bake-off competition 

Fundraising Pack

For more ideas and guidance, look at our Fundraising Pack, which contains everything you need to help you fundraise successfully. Download it now:

Fundraising Pack  

For further information and support, please email [email protected]