eBay For Charity:

Raising funds for myaware via eBay is as easy as A,B,C!

eBay has set up a partnership with the PayPal Giving Fund to make it easy for sellers to donate between 10% and 100% (or as low as 1% for motor vehicles) of any sold item’s final sale price to a registered charity. There are just three simple steps to sell on eBay for myaware:

Selectchoose myaware when listing your item and decide on the % of the final sale price you wish to donate to myaware
Once the item sells and the buyer pays the full amount, you dispatch the item to the buyer as usual
Roughly 21 days after the transaction completes, PayPal Giving Fund will automatically collect the donation from the seller’s account or send an invoice for the funds.

To select myaware as your chosen charity:

  • When listing your item, select the ‘Donate a portion to charity’ option in the listing flow.
  • Select myaware from the list of available charities
  • Set the % of your item that you want to donate to us
  • Receive an equivalent reduction in listing fees! (e.g. if you donate 50% of the final sale price, you will receive a 50% discount on your listing fee)

For more information or to get involved, email [email protected].