Medical experts advise – “Extremes of weather is best avoided by people living with myasthenia”. Please find some tips below that might be useful:

  1. Be in as cool an environment as possible – close windows, blinds and curtains and turn on any fans.
  2. Air rooms by opening windows/doors when it is cooler – (early morning or late evening)
  3. Hydration is key, water-based fluids are the best form or keeping your core temperature cooler, 2–4 litres recommended per day.
  4. If you struggle with liquids - chop a banana freeze it, then let it thaw slightly on the outside, put in a blender with a bit of Greek yogurt as a cooling snack.
  5. Freeze juices, yoghurts, and flavoured waters for homemade ice pops.
  6. Prepare food & drinks for the next day the evening prior when its cooler.
  7. If you are finding that eating a main meal is causing challenges, try 6 smaller meals throughout the day instead.– (prep evening before)
  8. Run cold water on wrists and have a bowl of cold water to cool feet – (please do so safely and accompanied)
  9. Ice/cool packs can provide temporary relief with ptosis.
  10. Gel pillows or cold flannels/towels can offer some short-term relief and can be laid on laps, chest, eyes, forehead etc.
  11. Eyes may be more sensitive to light – remember to take sunglasses, eye patch, a hat and sunscreen out with you if travel is essential. It may also help to keep a spare set in the car.
  12. Keep unopened bottles of water and snacks in the car in case of breakdown or emergency to take your medication with if travel is essential.
  13. Use an airtight container to keep at least one dose of meds, either for the car or your bag in case you get held up and need an extra supply.
  14. Try taking meds with a spoonful of yoghurt or custard if swallowing becomes more of an issue. Pre prepared thickened drinks can help when on thickened fluids and are portable.
  15. Loose clothing made from natural fibres can offer more comfort during hot weather.

For those employed, please be aware of the responsibilities of your employer to help keep you safe and protected, if you are struggling, please discuss your concerns with your employer…

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