Ryan was diagnosed with ocular myasthenia last year before his second birthday. He had shown no signs until one day he woke up and his eyelid half closed and from then on over a period of six weeks his eye began to drift and his ptosis became more prominent and he's had sensitivity to light. After a lot of tests which he went through including a lumbar puncture, we then had a diagnosis and since then we have been trying to manage it with medication and steroids but still on going until we can get right balance for him. Throughout this whole journey our family had never heard anything like this before so it was all very new to us all but Ryan has never ever let this get in his way or hold him back at all! Through all his hospital visits and tests he's been a proper little warrior and just taken it in his stride! His consultant and nurses have just been amazing with him and he loves his hospital visits now because they put him at ease and make it as fun as possible for him which makes it much easier on us all. Although we are still trying to find the right treatment to help Ryan I have every faith in the team who care for him and also that Ryan will just continue to be his usual cheeky, curious toddler self. 

Andrea Anderson