In early 2019 my double vision started along with shortness of breath. At the time I was in a very stressful job. My symptoms progressed and I was unable to continue working. I saw an optician who referred me to hospital for further testing. My Ophthalmologist, who suspected myasthenia gravis, started tests for bloods and a CT scan etc but due to the pandemic, they were put on hold.

My symptoms continued to get worse. Not being able to see anyone made life very hard. Luckily, I had the support of my family and friends who I could speak to at this very uncertain time. I then found myaware.

I was able to speak to their support team, offload how I was feeling and explain my symptoms to someone who understood. I attended as many zoom sessions as possible to feel less isolated and make sense of what was happening to me. I am forever grateful for the help and advice I received from the support team. It was a very difficult year in 2020 for everyone, let alone having a condition in which was not diagnosed as of yet.

Once I was appointed a neurologist, I was finally diagnosed at the end of 2020 with a positive SFEMG.
It's now 3 years on. I am stable. I don't take life for granted and I’m thankful for each day. I wanted to give something back to raise funds for myaware. In June 2023 I did a sponsored walk and raised £145. I am now selling plants and seeds to raise additional funds.

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