My name is Douglas Lance James and I am 75 years old and I have myasthenia, which was diagnosed in January 2012. I was admitted to the Royal Gwent Hospital just before Christmas 2011 because my GP suspected that I had suffered a minor stroke, due to one side of my face being distorted. However, after I had spent the night in the rapid assessment department and after undergoing various tests, the medical staff were satisfied that I hadn't had a stroke, so I was sent home.

At home my condition worsened, I experienced double vision and I was unable to eat so my GP had me re-admitted to hospital on Monday 9th January 2012 and I stayed until Tuesday 14th February 2012.

When I returned home I found that I needed personal care, which was firstly provided free for a period of six weeks by Age Concern Cymru, then I was on my own.

Fortunately, my youngest niece, Lynda, was able to find a suitable carer for me, Sylvia. The carer was wonderful and I believe that it was partly due to the care she gave me was the reason why I have made the progress that I have thus far.

It was Sylvia who provided my personal care for over six years. Despite her having ill health she supervised me making sure that I took my medication. She used to drive me to and from my medical appointments and to my local supermarket for food shopping - she was a real treasure. Alas, following the ill health of her husband, she retired from care work.

It was Lynda who again came to my rescue and found me my new carer, Ceri (pictured). She also has proved to be a very good carer. If I didn't have her to give me my personal care I just don't know how I would cope.