Rashmi has been working in a wide variety of technology and management consulting roles across multiple continents and industries for over 25 years. She has successfully setup high-growth, profitable business units and also delivered national and international expansions for SMEs. She serves on several boards including private and charity and is a school governor as well.

She started experiencing Myasthenia symptoms at the age of 6 months and it took a good couple of years to actually diagnose the exact condition. Having been born and brought up in India, she was treated in the US with a thymectomy at the age of 7 years from UCLA and was also a research patient at NIH Bethesda at 10, as she was the only youngest patient to have ever developed generalised Myasthenia with no family history whatsoever. Not having known normalcy, she has managed her condition and her professional journey, not willing to let anything hold her back as much as possible. She has had a few relapses on and off and is currently on immunosuppressants. She is independent, has travelled extensively and lived in different continents. She is multilingual, enjoys spending time with friends and family, walking and volunteering with various charities in her free time. She has done 2 half-marathon night walks and a few 5 – 10Ks as well.
Having experienced the condition first-hand her whole life and faced multiple challenges growing up, she is keen to work collaboratively with the board to raise the awareness as well as listening to others and sharing her personal journey.