Organising collections in Stores

Applying for In Store Collections

Supermarkets have different preferences for making an application to hold a collection in store. Here are some examples:-
Tesco – register online at www.tasteattesco.   Once you register, then you will be guided through the steps to make an application for collections in your area, availability permitting.
Collections during December and bag packs throughout the year can be organised directly by contacting the Community Champion in each store.
ASDA – obtain an application form in store from the Community Champion.
Morrisons – write directly to store’s Community Champion
Sainsburys – write to the store’s Manager.

Collections should always be supervised by an official myaware volunteer or a myaware member of staff. When recruiting helpers to assist with the collection, why not advertise your collection to your friends, family and wider networks to help!

If you would like to take photos of the helpers on the day, please ensure they complete a myaware Photo Consent form. This means we will be able to share the photos on our social media pages, our website and in our newsletter.

After the event it is very important to contact the store as quickly as possible after your collection date to thank them for allowing you to collect on their premises. You should let them know how much was raised and thank the staff for their help and assistance. Also let your helpers know how much has been raised (in accordance with contact consent information).

There are more useful tips to view in our downloadable, handy guide to organising a store collection.

Store collection guide