My name is Genette I'm 36 and was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis in 2010.

I was living a normal life for a young lady, I worked full-time and loved my job but then one day I felt very fatigued and my legs were very wobbly. I tried to carry on as normal but then my right leg started to collapse.

I got to a point where I couldn't climb the stairs, walk long distances, stand for a certain amount of time and then my right side of my face kept drooping like I'd had a stroke, so I went to see my GP and they sent me to the hospital and that's where my MG journey started.

I saw a neurologist and had weeks of tests and then that's when I was diagnosed with myasthenia gravis. I was put straight on medication to help me and had regular appointments. After six months we realised the medication wasn't helping and I was getting worse, they changed my medication and I started immunosuppressants and prednisolone. After a few more months passed, they did help a little bit but then I had my first myasthenia crisis. I couldn't breathe, I couldn't swallow, I had double vision and my mobility was so poor I had to have help showering or go to the toilet.

I was given IVIG treatment and after two weeks in hospital I started to improve.

After a few years in and out of hospital, many IVIG treatments and plasma exchanges, things were not improving so I was referred to a surgeon to take my thymus gland out to see if it would improve my myasthenia.

The day came for my thymectomy, I was in theatre for eight hours due to complications and they had to go through my sternum, recovery was tough and took many many months to heal and get stronger.

My MG was still acting up and I had severe double vision and fatigue, so I was given more IVIG and that seemed to help for a good few months.

The more I had IVIG the more we started to realise that wasn't working either so my consultant said he would like to start me on rituximab. So in April 2018 I had my first session of rituximab and I have my second lot in May 2019. We are hoping this will work and help my MG so I can start reducing my medication.

As well as myasthenia, I also have been diagnosed with many other conditions such as lupus, diabetes and tachycardia. My journey is ongoing and at times it's very scary and emotional but with support from my family, friends and other MG patients I will get through every situation and spread awareness to others.