In Memory

Willie Stein

05 May 1945 - 16 Dec 2023

William Stein (Willie) was husband to Dianne, dad to myself (Graeme) and Colin and grandpa to Lucy, Emma and Finlay. He died suddenly, a week before Christmas, in 2023 leaving a huge hole in our family. He was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis in his late forties, initial symptoms included drooping eyelids and spells of weakness. In his job as a teacher, a weakened immune system and daily contact with children began to take its toll. Despite trying to continue in his role, he had no alternative but to seek early retirement on health grounds. He received constant support and treatment throughout the years, a wide range of drugs used and sometimes experimented with by doctors, in an attempt to keep his condition manageable. Eye problems and muscle fatigue were constant and always problematic. Dad required an amputation of his lower right leg due to a sarcoma diagnosis. This happened at the height of Covid, meaning he spent 6-8 weeks in hospital, with no visits from family and friends. This proved to be a very traumatic experience though one he bravely faced alone. Covid restrictions also made initial rehabilitation very difficult and despite some promising initial signs, he never really recovered from this time. Muscle weakness and age contributed to hindering recovery. As the days, months and years passed, further medical conditions were added to an already growing list. Life seemed to be against him and he knew it. Mum had been his full time carer now since his amputation as we realised he was able to do less and less for himself. Her devotion was unwavering as she attended to his every need, getting him out of bed every day, to the numerous hospital appointments required week in, week out. Trying to get him out of the house and keeping him positive under difficult circumstances. Despite the myriad of conditions conspiring against him, his death was still sudden and expected. Being so close to Christmas just added an extra layer of grief. We hope that awareness of Myasthenia Gravis will continue to grow, in discussion with friends, it has rarely been heard of, often, even medics knew very little about it. Further research and breakthroughs will come with time and we support wholeheartedly the efforts of all involved.

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