In Memory

Ken Pittaway

21 Feb 1934 - 22 Mar 2023

As many of you know our beloved grandad passed away on the 22nd of March. Suddenly and unexpectedly.

We are all absolutely heartbroken and still trying our hardest to come to terms with everything.

Our grandad had a condition called Myasthenia Gravis. Which is a condition that can affect your muscles. Grandad used to have the occasional flare up but he would never let this stop him from living a wonderful, independent life. He wore his condition with pride like he did everything in life. He would occasionally go to Myasthenia group meetings. Because of this we would like to donate to a charity called Myaware, a charity that supports people with Myasthenia. Any donations would be extremely grateful.

We couldn’t have wished for a better grandad. Everything you did, we always felt so safe, so loved so calm in your presence. You were born to be a grandad you did everything a grandad’s supposed to do. You taught us many things, you gave us life advice. Which we have carried through to our adult years such as, always keep a torch in the car, always check your oil. Or your famous advice that we all remember ‘if you can’t be good, be careful’. Yes our grandad wasn’t your average grandad he was so handsome, so charming and oh so very funny. His active lifestyle and social life kept him younger than his years and even on the days that he wasn’t feeling one hundred percent he never let it show. He would always give us his time whilst he was sat there smiling.

Happiness radiated from him, he laughed a lot, always cracking jokes. We loved hearing about your week and what busy weeks you had. With a better social life than all of us. Of to see your friends and neighbours. He’s kind, upbeat and positive nature meant that he attracted people like a magnet. Your greatest passion (other than Aston Villa) was photography and this is how most people will remember you by. You always had a camera in your hand. Behind a lens was your favourite place to be. Our love of photography has come from you. As you used to say to us ‘take plenty of pictures’. We can assure you we will and every time we do we will smile and think of you. You taught us many things such as be kind to others, be kind to animals, be there for your friends, be generous, considerate, listen to people, use your manners and take photos of everything.

You taught us to respect our elders and we had so much for you. You taught us to always use our legs and walk whenever we can. You used to love walking and we do too, all thanks to you. The most important lesson you taught us was to live, to be thankful of every day we are on this beautiful planet. To enjoy life and all it’s opportunities and you sure did! I am so thankful for these lessons. Lessons that I will pass on to my nieces and nephews and one day children of my own. Not everyone is lucky enough to have a grandad like you.

We were so lucky we got to call you our grandad ❤️ Grandad we thought we had more time, for you never seemed to age. You will always stay young to us in our hearts forever.

We love you grandad more than you could ever know.

We will speak about you all of the time and the wonderful memories we have we will cherish them forever. We miss you so much Grandad. We love you forever ❤️

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