Fundraise for myaware

My name is Demi, I am 23 and I suffer with a life long illness called Myasthenia Gravis. This is a neuromuscular, autoimmune illness which means my antibodies destroy the communication between my nerves and muscles, resulting in weakening of the muscles. Myasthenia has completely changed my life in a more difficult way. I was diagnosed when my newborn baby girl was only 3 weeks old, it’s been a long journey since then and an extremely hard one at that. During the last 3 years my life has completely changed and turned upside down. I want to give back to this amazing charity - Myaware, for everything they do for not just me but for everyone who suffers this illness. The money I make in product commission I hope helps Myaware fund for more research to get a cure for this illness one day. I would love their to become a cure in my lifetime, I would feel so proud of myself, the charity and the MG community for all their hard work and dedication. I have accepted I am a MG survivor for life but I hope that younger generations who may get diagnosed in the future can get a better chance of life & recovery.

Demi Ford