Fundraise for myaware

Most of you know my Bunto, but very few know about how his life is affected by MG.
The smallest things that we take for granted, like chewing food, smiling, even talking are just some of the hurdles he has to face on a daily basis - and the way he copes leaves me in awe! He never moans, never expects any special treatment - he just gets on with it!
For ages now, I have wanted to do something to raise awareness and much needed funds for MG - but felt I really had to challenge myself. My 2 biggest fears are spiders and heights! So - I am going to face both my fears!
I looked into doing this around 10 years ago - so researched Skydiving! However I wasn't comfortable with how a charity skydive worked, basically, the money raised, paid for the jump also - I wanted any sponsorship monies to all go to Myaware (MG charity), fast forward to October 2021 - and my amazing friends decided to pay for my Skydive!!! I have finally booked it! I will be jumping out of a plane on Sunday 8th May (I can't actually believe I'm typing that!!!!!) and just to add to the fear and pressure - before that date I will hold a spider in my bare hand - probably doesn't sound a big deal to some of you - but those that know - know!!!
I am absolutely terrified at the thought of this, but when its compared to the thought of living with MG, a lifelong, debilitating condition - it kind of puts it in perspective.
Myasthenia Gravis is a very rare condition, therefore gets very little media presence or funding. Please help me in raising the awareness and much needed funds - every little bit will help towards research and development to hopefully one day find a cure.
My dream is for one day, people like my Bunto won't haveto just cope, - but be able to live an ordinary life like the rest of us.
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Kim Bunting