Our colleagues at the University of Oxford are conducting research looking at different patient experiences during the early stages of their myasthenia, as well as the wider impact that living with myasthenia has on a person’s life.

As myasthenia affects people from all social, ethnic, and economic backgrounds it is important that people from all different groups are represented in surveys like this. To ensure that everyone is represented, we need to ask some personal questions.

We also know that some people find it difficult to work, study and live the life they want due to their myasthenia. By understanding how much people are affected and in what ways, we can identify ways to improve the support and care given to people with myasthenia.

We have put together a survey as we are keen to hear your thoughts on your experiences.  This shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes to complete, and it is completely anonymous.  All your responses are treated in the strictest confidence.  The survey responses will be gathered by Myaware and shared with a research team at the University of Oxford in a completely anonymised form.  No attempts will be made to identify you and your responses will not affect your care in any way. 

Click on the Take Survey button below and help us with our research. 

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The closing date for submission is by 5pm, Monday 31st October 2022.

Thank you for your continued support.