“We support people affected by myasthenia, raise awareness about these conditions, fund research to find new therapies to reduce the impact of the conditions and ultimately find a cure.”

Myaware is the only charity in the UK dedicated solely to the care and support of people affected by myasthenia 

We have been helping people since 1968. The first National Meeting of Myasthenics held on 31st of March at the New End Hospital, Hampstead, London and by 1976 the myasthenia council had decided to set up an independent organisation: the British Association of Myasthenics.

In the late eighties BAM established its aims and objectives then in 1987 moved into its own premises, Keynes House which was very kindly provided, rent free, by the Liversage Trust in Derby. In 1990 BAM was given a new name, Myasthenia Gravis Association, and logo. MGA was launched in April at the National Meeting of Myasthenics in Oxford. A new five year plan was put into place to recruit a fundraiser to generate funding for eight regional organisers. 

The charity remained the Myasthenia Gravis Association until it officially changed its name to myaware in 2014.

What we do  

We are working hard to raise awareness of myasthenia, as it is a little known condition. We provide support for people with myasthenia and their families, whilst offering advice and tips for living with the condition. 

We also fund the research that brings us closer to finding a cure as well as funding specialists nurses and advisors. 

Members of myaware have full access to a wide range of support services and events including our specialist benefits advisor and telephone or Skype counsellor

Myaware supports people with myasthenia and their families.  We campaign for better medical services for people with myasthenia and work to inform medical professionals.  You can also access our annual reports

Myaware is here to help and support you so please contact us to see if we can help you in any way.

About myaware