This page is updated regularly as and when new information becomes available.

We understand that there are major concerns within our membership at present regarding the effects of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) on people living with myasthenia. At myaware we follow advice given by NHS England and I would advise anyone who is concerned or has questions about the situation to either visit the NHS website: or to contact their GP or neurologist with any questions that they have regarding their individual medical situation.

We understand that NHS England are in the process of issuing more information regarding the risk to subgroups of patients with certain illnesses, including those that require immunosuppressive treatment and are looking to produce and publish some guidance in regards to a number of illnesses including autoimmune conditions, treatments and those deemed to be at more risk due to age.

We understand the level of concern around Coronavirus is very high, but would ask our members to be mindful of the impact of any comments or posts that they share regarding this subject on our social media pages and how that can increase concern and stress for fellow members. Myaware will remove any posts that could possibly cause undue alarm, concern or stress.

As soon as we have any update from NHS England we will update our website and post on our social media pages to ensure we are sharing all up to date information.