We understand the difference that having an early diagnosis, access to good health care and support can make to someone’s life, and we want to do our best to ensure that more people experience this.

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Myasthenia, ocular myasthenia, CMS and LMS are rare diseases and often confused with other conditions, helping professionals that may encounter people early on recognise the signs and symptoms could make the difference someone’s journey to learning to manage their condition. We would like to target GPs, Dentists, Pharmacists and Opticians as we see these professionals as often being the first point of contact when someone is experiencing issues with the muscles often affected by the myasthenia’s.

We will also be reaching out to Neurology Clinics to ensure they to have this information and are aware of the support Myaware delivers. We want to encourage professionals to sign up to become a member and they will receive the latest information for health care professionals, including information on current research projects funded by myaware, as well as an impact report detailing the past 10 years of clinical discoveries in myasthenia.

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