The Myaware medical committee continues to recommend that all patients with myasthenia receive the required doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. We would like to emphasise the fact that clinicians and scientists do not yet have robust data on the level of protection that the vaccine provides to patients, whether younger or older, on immunosuppression or not, with or without health other conditions.
Most patients with myasthenia have been on some form of immunosuppressive therapy.

Many patients also have other conditions recognised as risk factors for developing complications from COVID-19 infection. Furthermore, a great majority of the young and adult myasthenia patients have very active roles in the family, attend school or university, or have professional responsibilities, all requiring more contact with other people on a daily basis. Therefore, we will continue to recommend that patients and close relatives continue to utilise precautions such as wearing masks, social distancing and hand washing, particularly when in close proximity to people with an unknown vaccination status.

If specific questions remain, patients should seek medical advice from their GP or treating neurologist to discuss in more detail their individual clinical situation and estimated risks. Patients should promote open discussions about prevention of COVID-19 infection, including vaccination, among those with whom they live with, or people they socialise with, and encourage them to get vaccinated to keep everyone safe.

Myaware continues to lobby on behalf of our members to secure a clear plan for consideration and protection of those who are immunosuppressed, including priority for booster vaccinations and treatments for those living with myasthenia who may become ill with Coronavirus.

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