Join the myaware Fantasy Football League!

We're inviting players of the official Fantasy Premier League game to join our league. Prizes will be given out every month for Manager of the Month and there will be a trophy for the overall winner of the league. We'll also introduce a few surprise prizes throughout the season.

To join our league, simply complete the registration form below. It's £10 per team to enter. Once you've completed the form you'll receive an email with the league's code, enabling you to join. Once you have the code, head to the Premier League website to create your team.

You will start to earn points from the first game week and we all know that points mean prizes!

What you need to know

  • Points will be totalled at the end of each month to determine the Manager of the Month.
  • If you change you team name after the season has started, please email [email protected] because we'll need to be able to find you if you win a prize.
  • Please don't share our code. We won't have the details of anyone you share it with and they won't be able to claim prizes.
  • In the event of teams finishing on the same points, we will follow the rules of the Premier League Fantasy Football website and app to find one winner.
  • For all rules around team selection and league and technical account queries, please use The Premier League Fantasy Football app or visit their 'Rules and Help' section.

Please be aware when completing your consents below, that they refer to this fundraising initiative only. In the event you win one of our monthly prizes, we will need to post that to you.

Registered under the Gambling Act 2005 by Derby City Council.

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