Winter Appeal - #GiveBack2020

2020 has been a challenging and unprecedented year. All of us have been touched by Coronavirus in one way or another and many of us are still locked down to ensure the safety of ourselves and others.

This Giving Tuesday, we are taking part in #GiveBack2020, as an opportunity to take something positive from what has been a difficult year – to celebrate the support we have given to people living with myasthenia and to look forward to 2021, with your help.
2020 has been challenging for myaware. We are predicting a loss of £112,000 in income for this financial year, due to cancelled events and reduced donations. At the same time, we have received more enquiries than usual for our support: increased numbers of members on our Facebook peer support group, increased enquiries regarding welfare advice and an increase in enquiries relating to questions for our Medical Committee.

However, despite these difficult circumstances, we have still been here to help you and your families throughout 2020 and to ensure people living with myasthenia are not alone.

What our members have said:

“Good to see a few faces and say hello on Zoom. I'm glad you are there if we need you. You are a real gem.”
“We both enjoyed today, looking forward to the next [Zoom session], really nice to meet other people from myaware. Hopefully through this, we may get make to make new friends. A big thank you.”
“Didn't want to leave it too long before saying what a super meeting this morning. Steve's input was great for those who need his valuable services.”
“Thank you for this morning, it was good to talk to people in a similar situation to myself. I'm not alone.”

Can you help?

We can’t continue our work in 2021 without you. The loss of income we have faced, coupled with the increased demand for our services means that we need your support to continue our valuable work for the myasthenia community.
Can you donate £5 this Giving Tuesday to help people living with myasthenia?

£5 can provide one new membership pack to someone newly diagnosed in 2021, who is starting on their myasthenia journey and needs our help to manage day-to-day.

We know these are difficult times for everyone and so whatever you can afford to give would be greatly appreciated at this time.

Thank you for fighting myasthenia together with us and for ensuring people living with myasthenia will not be alone in 2021.