I truly believed it was the end for me that day

COVID-19 has touched all of our lives in one way or another. Every day at myaware we hear powerful stories from our members, detailing how Coronavirus has affected their lives. We support our members as much as we can to stay well, healthy and connected during this difficult time. But for one myaware member, Karen McCabe, contracting Coronavirus very suddenly became a matter of life and death.

Karen was just getting back on her feet and her MG was stabilising when the Coronavirus pandemic hit. Despite shielding and following guidance to the letter, Karen contracted Coronavirus.

She was extremely poorly in hospital and required ventilation. At one point, struggling to breathe, she messaged her partner to tell him that she loved him. She asked him to make sure he always kept their children safe and to tell them how much she loved them.

One can only imagine what that must have felt like.

Thankfully, with the support of an excellent medical team, Karen rallied and is now at home, still recovering, with her partner and children.

Read Karen’s full story here

None of us know what is around the corner. We are all doing our best to keep safe and well and to protect ourselves and those around us.

Myaware is here to help on those days when things are most difficult. We are here to listen, to signpost and to support.

We have recently begun to host Zoom support meetings to keep people connected including providing group support to members who have never been able to attend a support event previously. Our Support Workers continue to provide one-to-one support to our members via email and telephone too – members who are lonely, vulnerable and who need someone to talk to. We have contacted over 1,000 members so far.

For those struggling with their mental health, our counselling service is a lifeline. We ensure people get the specialist help they need to deal with low mood, depression or anxiety, which are often exacerbated due to the global pandemic.

Our Benefits and Welfare service continues to be busy. Since the beginning of March, we have helped nearly 400 people who are worried about their finances, who have questions related to education or employment or who need help with driving licence issues, so that they can continue to travel safely where needed without having to use public transport.

All of these services are free to members. We need your help to continue them.

We have recently received emergency funding of £97,066 from the Government to support us through COVID-19. However, this funding only lasts six months and does not cover all of the costs of providing these vital services.

Can you donate £10 so that we can continue to make a difference to people living with myasthenia?

Any support you can give would be gratefully received.

We hope you stay safe and well during this time.