Free fundraising by donating your old and vintage items!
Did you know that you can easily donate old and vintage items to help myaware? Your donations will make a difference to people living with a rare, invisible and often misunderstood illness.
Donating your unwanted goods has never been easier; all you need to do is order your free Donation Pack from to get started:

1) Go to
2) Register for your free donation pack in 2 simple steps:
3) Choose myaware from the list of charities.

You will receive a brochure to show you what you can send* and some pre-paid labels to get you started! It’s then as simple as 1,2 3!

Fill a box with old or vintage items up to a maximum weight of 30kg. 

Get a free Parcelforce home collection, or drop off at a Post Office for free.

Your donated items are turned into funds for myaware, in your name, so we know who to thank! The funds you raise will enable continued work in the areas of research, support and awareness of myasthenia.

Fore more information, email [email protected] Thank you for fighting myasthenia together with us.

*Full details of what you can donate are listed in the free brochure you will receive when you order your Donation Pack; or see the list of ‘Items we Accept’ at