Huw joined the ambulance service in 1983 where he enjoyed over 37 years working in all areas of the service,  most of the time was spent on front line ambulance duties ,a job he had wanted to do since a small boy. In 2004 Huw moved into a senior management role where he was responsible for clinical and professional standards. In 2013 he was diagnosed with optical Myasthenia , the following year it had developed into general myasthenia however with medication huw was able to continue in a desk role until 2018 when he retired. Huw lives on the South Coast with his partner Sarah  who some people will know as she is one of the myaware support coordinators. Huw now works as a  part time  Duty Manager  at a local Art Gallery, if not there he can be found watching his local team  Brighton and Hove Albion where he is a season ticket holder, attending music festivals or walking Travis the Schnauzer over the South Downs. Huw is very keen to see increased awareness regarding Myasthenia and looks forward to being able to speak and hear views from myaware members.