I am a 27–year-old mum, my daughter is 5 years old and I've had myasthenia gravis for 6 years. My symptoms are difficult to manage and very unpredictable. My daughter is the person who sees my difficulties the most. She has witnessed the impact that this has on me, things most adults don’t even see in their lifetime. She has seen me in ICU twice this year, plus several admissions over the years. She’s seen me with a nasogastric tube, central lines, and struggling to breathe. She’s seen me after surgery. At home she sees me take a lot of medications, she witnesses my legs weaken and the times when I choke on food and saliva. She sees me struggle to open up a bottle of milk for her breakfast, and not being able to finish the bedtime story due to dysarthria. From a very young age she has been aware that I have been unable to carry her like other mothers carry their children. My daughter is a tough kid but I am more than aware that my life with myasthenia has a huge impact on her life and I wish there were some support services available to help her through this.

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